Construction on the second phase of Bo’ao Airport is underway and is expected to be completed at the end of November 2016.
The facility is part of Hainan’s transportation upgrade and fits in with the tropical island’s aspiration to grow into a global tourism destination by the end of 2020.
Bo’ao Airport, which began operation on March 19, 2015, will not only make it much easier for participants to access the resort town for the annual Bo’ao Forum for Asia (BFA) Annual Conference, but will ease the way for many tourists who visit the area.
The airport is located in southern Boao, 12 kilometers away from Qionghai. It is about 15 km west of the venue of BFA in Zhongyuan Town. 
The airport is designed to be able to accommodate 480,000 passengers and handle 1,440 metric tons of cargo annually by 2020.
Bo’ao Town 博鳌镇
Located next to the eastern coast of Qionghai City, Bo’ao Town, with population over 30,000, is one of the region’s most enchanting towns, covering an area of 31 square kilometers.

Bo’ao, once a town of 15,000 residents who subsisted on fishing and farming, has turned into a world-famous conference venue after becoming the permanent location for the annual Bo’ao Forum for Asia since 2001.
In Bo’ao, visitors can wander around the town’s streets, enjoy a cup of coffee at a stylish cafe, or jump into a small fishing boat to experience the area’s unique charm.
It takes about one hour to travel from Bo’ao to Sanya/Haikou by bullet trains.