The first Hainan International Youth Festival will be held in Lingshui County, Hainan Province from October 20th to 23rd, 2016, according to the organizers at a press conference in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province on September 23rd.






The festival’s theme this year is “Enjoy Youth." The event will be open to all young people worldwide.  


As part of the youth festival, the local government announced its global recruitment campaign for 1,500 visitors, who will have the chance to experience Lingshui’s tailor-made regional travel products.




"We welcome everybody, from home and abroad, to join us in hosting a successful youth festival and helping build Lingshui into a popular tourist destination among youngsters," said Lai Qingqiang, Vice County Mayor of Lingshui Government.


The festival will feature a beach bikini color run, a beach music carnival, a fireworks show, beach camping, and ethnic water splashing activities.


Hainan Int’l (Lingshui) Youth Festival

Enjoy Youth


◎ Beach bikini color run

Event venue: Clearwater Bay Resort District







◎ Beach music carnival

Event venue: Clearwater Bay Resort District





◎ Diving carnival

Event venue: Boundary Island





◎ Ethnic water splashing event

Event venue: Ye Tian Gu Zhai Scenic Spot






Hainan Int’ l (Lingshui) Youth Festival

Date: October 20th to 23rd, 2016


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