Recently, the Sino-Russian Culture and Arts Exchange Center was established at Binglanggu Valley in Baoting County.

The unveiling ceremony was attended by Mr. Victor Konnov, Counselor at the Russian Embassy in China, Mrs. Wang Xiuling, Director of Sino-Russia Culture and Arts Exchange Center in Tianjin, and Mr. Chen Guodong, Deputy General Manager of Binglanggu Valley Scenic Spot.
As a national 5A-level scenic spot, Binglanggu Valley is a unique and representative showcase of the heritage of Hainan’s ethnic minority folk traditions and cultures. This tourism zone is very important to the protection and preservation of local Li and Miao cultures.
The establishment of the center is expected to boost cultural exchanges between the two regions and build up a new platform for further communication and cooperation between the two peoples.
In recent years, Binglanggu Valley has strengthened its tourism brand promotion through a series of strategic cooperative efforts and initiatives with enterprises at home and abroad. It is not only a national Taiwan-Hainan cross-strait cultural exchange base, but also a research and field investigation base for the Institute of Geography of the University of Heidelberg.