Overdevelopment is threatening the golden seashores in Hainan Island, the popular tropical tourist destination in China. To better manage coastline development in the region, the provincial government said urgent measures must be put in place to protect the environment before nature takes its revenge.


The local government will launch an overall inspection on its 1,823-km-long coastline across 12 cities and counties between July 20th and October 20th, 2015.


The inspections include the sea-front buildings developments, beach vegetation restoration, coastal transport infrastructure and beach nourishment.


In 2013, Hainan has introduced new regulations t to prevent further overdevelopment along the precious coast.


To reduce the threat caused by the man-made waterfront buildings further affecting the dynamic movement of water and altering the shape of coastline, the regulations detail the shoreline receding for a considerable distance should reach more than 200 meters.


Besides, Man-made buildings that protrude into the bay should have a height limit and more greenery is called for, to be planted within the area to save the coastline from further damage.



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