While the picturesque natural landscapes in Hainan province are the biggest draw for most tourists, the island's unique tropical culture and ethnic diversity are just as captivating.


Hainan is home to many ethnic groups, with the Li and Miao people particularly prominent on the island.


In recent years, Hainan has been making great efforts to protect and promote the Li & Miao ethnic cultures.


The Binlanggu Valley in Baoting, for example, has been proactive in preserving the ancient buildings of the Li people and their traditional ways of life.


Built in 1998, the tourism destination is devoted to the protection and promotion of the ancient ethnic culture of the Li people. The re-created aboriginal huts exhibit the living style of the Li and Miao community and the Li and Miao Culture Museum exhibits the clothing, artwork, and kitchenware of the people. Visitors can watch a musical performance that teaches them about the traditional culture of the tribes.


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