The General Office of the People’s Government of Hainan Province recently issued Notice on Hainan to Implement the Strictest Assessment Method of Water Source Management System, which specified that the approval for new water taking and discharge outlets for projects under construction in cities and counties with poor annual or final assessment results will be suspended during rectification. In addition the approval for environment assessment of main water pollution discharge projects in those cities and counties will be suspended at the same time.


The assessment content includes the objective completion, system construction and measures implementation for the strictest water source management system in different cities and counties, and the main objectives refer to total water consumption, water consumption for 10,000-industiral added value, effective utilization coefficient of farmland irrigation water and water qualification rate of water functional area in main rivers and reservoirs.


The comprehensive scoring method is used for the assessment and there are four grades, namely Excellent, Good, Qualified and Unqualified. The assessment cycle is five years, and annual assessment and final assessment will be combined. The assessment result will be taken as the important basis of comprehensive examination and assessment of main principals and leading bodies in city and county governments.


City and county governments with poor annual or final assessment shall submit written reports to the Peoples Government of Hainan Province within one month after the assessment results are publicized in order to put forward rectification measures within a specified period of time. As for inadequate rectification which leads to sever consequences, relevant supervisory organs shall investigate for the responsibility of relevant responsible personnel according to the laws and regulations.




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