Recently, a grand opening ceremony for the Fifth Session of the China Hainan (Tunchang) agricultural fair (Hereinafter referred to as the agricultural fair) was held at the centre of Tunchang, Hainan. The agricultural fair’s theme is "Characteristics, brands, e-business and win-win."
The agricultural fair also organized 10 colorful theme activities, including the Agricultural fair opening ceremony and art show, tropical specialty fruit tasting and online sales activities, Food Street, exhibition and sale of agricultural activities in the countryside, the province’s agricultural arena assessment activities, a Folk Skills Competition, investment promotion activities for agricultural projects, marketing activities for home building products, a seminar on e-commerce and distribution of agricultural products, and the collaboration between Taobao university training and the rural network.
The biggest highlight of the Agricultural fair is that the public can experience the whole process of online purchasing of agricultural products. It also demonstrates online "Vegetable Basket Project" distribution, business processes, distribution tools and other related matters. Tunchang created the China Hainan (Tunchang) Agricultural fair official website  and www.hifexpo.comfor the public to obtain more agricultural production information and cooperation opportunities. Tunchang E-business Association was built with the model of "association+ physical store + shop," and it can offer a one-stop interactive information and transaction services for the comprehensive e-commerce service providers, county network providers, professional farmers cooperatives and farmers.
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