In Sanya, the increasing number of tourists choosing self-driving tours cause prolonged traffic congestion in the city. 
Hainan is planning to take measures to limit the self-driving cars to the island in 2014 following prolonged traffic congestion at the major
scenic spots and roads in this year’s Spring Festival holiday.
Hainan has seen a tourism boom during this year’s Spring Festival holiday. The increasing number of tourists choosing self-driving tours to the island caused prolonged traffic congestion. 
In Sanya, due to the insufficient supply of parking space, local residents even turned their backyards and farmland into parking lots and charged exorbitant prices to tourists in vehicles stuck in traffic.
In response to the traffic problems on important holidays, the authority proposed to improve the road infrastructure as well as improve management on non-Hainan registered vehicles to encourage more people to use public transport when travelling.
Statistic showed that the daily average traffic volume on roads in Sanya city center was about 15,000, while the figure was recorded to reach 130,000 during the Chinese New Year holiday.
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