According to the National Wetland Conservative Plan (2011-2015), Hainan is to build 4 in-situ conservation areas in order to stengthen the protection of the four endangered plants, the Ottelia cordata, Floating fern, Drosera peltata and Wild kiwi.

The four endangered plants will be protected in their natural habitat, the Ottelia cordata in-situ conservation area is located at Longquan Town in Meilan District of Haikou city and the Floating fern in-situ conservation area at Mount Qianxianling in Baoting Li & Miao autonomous county.

Besides, the Drosera peltata in-situ conservation area is located at Cangsha Town in Wencang city, and the Wild kiwi in-situ conservation area at Zhongping Town in Qiongzhong Li & Miao autonomous county.

To effectively protect the four in-situ conservation areas, the government will build fences, set up protection signs and observation towers, and install monitoring equipment around them.


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