The plan for the division of Hainan’s marine functional zones (between 2011-2020) proposed by the Hainan Marine and Fisheries Department has been officially approved by the State Council. Under the plan, 17 sea areas have been listed as marine protected areas and 21 as marine reserves. 
'Marine protected area’ refers to those sea areas which are protected marine resources and to the ecological environment of the sea, including nature reserves and special reserves. The 17 marine protected areas include the Dongzhai Harbor Mangrove Natural Reserve Area, Qinglan Mangrove Reserve in Wenchang, Tonggu Ling, Qingmei Harbor Mangrove Nature Reserve in Yalong Bay, Sanya Coral Reef National Nature Reserve and Xinying Harbor Mangrove Reserve. 
The marine reserve areas are mainly located at surrounding offshore regions, accounting for 11.02% of the total offshore area. The 21 reserve areas consist of 15 coastal reserve areas and 6 offshore areas.
A local official has said that the government will improve its supervision and will maintain and improve the ecological environment of marine resources, and any human activities which damage the ocean environment will be strictly prohibited.


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