The Qingyun Tower takes a new look after the renovation.
Qingyun Tower, one of the rare existing ancient pagodas in Hainan, is an isolated brick tower located in the middle of the flooded rice fields of Wanning city. Famous for its natural beauty in Hainan, Qingyun Tower has been nominated for inclusion on a list of cultural relics for its unique qualities and for being the best example of Hainan cultural and natural heritage.

With a history which spans 346 years, the tower was once in danger from the Japanese invaders. It was one of the few buildings which was saved due to its relative unimportance as well as its remote location. The tower has stood in its spot for centuries However, it is now on the verge of collapse due to a terrible downpour and flooding in 2008.

In order to protect the ancient structure, the central and provincial government as well as the Wanning municipal government have decided to increase allocations for the renovation of the tower. In December 2011, the central government allocated 200,000 yuan as special funds for local culture, sports and media industry to renovate the ancient tower. In addition to this, the provincial Cultural Heritage Administration also allocated 140,000 yuan. Combined with 700,000 yuan from the Wanning municipal government, a total of 1,040,000 yuan has been collected for the renovations.

At the moment, lightning-protection engineering is also on the agenda, with an investment of 110,000 yuan.

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