On 15th October the restoration project for Lingao 100-year-old lighthouse passed inspection and has been approved as completed.
Located in Changmao village, Lingao, the lighthouse is 22 meter high, while the height of the light is 20.8m, with a range of over 18 nautical miles. It is an important navigation mark to ships and a land mark of Hainan. This is the first time that the lighthouse has been restored since it was built in 1894 by the French. 
It has been 22 months since construction started. The lighthouse has returned to its original state, and added colour to Lingao Jiefang Park.
Background information:
Built in 1894 by French, the construction of the lighthouse was convenient for them to invade. Made of wrought iron andsurrounded by 350 steel bars with 82 spiral steps from foot to head, Lingao lighthouse is the only cylindrical wrought iron lighthouse left in China.
In May of 1997, the lighthouse was listed as one of “100 antique lighthouse of the world” and has been listed on many cultural relic lists since.
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