Recently, Sanya Phoenix International Airport rescued a nightjar, a national second-class protected bird in China.

This nightjar was found with an obvious injury on its wings at the baggage sorting hall and was not able to fly. The airport staff then set up a temporary shelter for the nightjar for further feeding and care.

After a careful investigation, the bird is known as nightjar, which is a national second-class protected bird in China. It is widely discovered in the eastern China. The birds will typically fly from northeast China to Hainan Island during the winter migration season.

Sanya airport staff immediately contacted Sanya Forestry Bureau to seek for the best medical care for the injured bird. At present, the nightjar has been successfully sent to the Forest Public Security Department of Sanya Forestry Bureau. After it is fully recovered, it will be wild released to nature.

Bird strike is an important factor that threatens aircraft safety and is also one of the major aviation problems. The Sanya Phoenix International Airport, as an important aviation hub of Hainan, has actively taken measures to prevent potential threats to aircraft safety caused by the bird strike and carried out cooperation in bird rescue and protection to maintain a harmonious relationship between human beings and birds.