Wenchang cab driver
A taxi driver in Wenchang, Hainan province was found making phone calls with 4 cellphones while drving on the highway.
Recently, a netizen from Wenchang claimed that he encountered a taxi driver who made phone calls with 4 cell phones alternatively while he was driving, reported hinews.cn.

Later, a reporter found this taxi whose license plate was “Qiong CF5652”, and experienced a thrilling trip made by this “Phoneaholic” diver.

The driver started to make phone calls as soon as the reporter got in the taxi. And he kept talking on the phone while he was backing up, getting into gear and moving forwards. After they were on the highway, another cell phone rang. The reporter found that there were another 3 cell phones on the dashboard besides the one he was using.

During their trip, these 4 cell phones rang one after another. And the driver kept answering the calls, and then laughing and teasing on the phone. The driver operated the steering wheel with one hand from the beginning to the end, totally ignoring the feelings of his customers. 

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