The Working Conference of Housing and Urban and Rural Construction of Hainan Province which was held on the afternoon of February 28, 2012 released that 106,800 Pubilc housings will be built in Hainan Province, including 75,500 city & town Pubilc housings, 25,000 rural dilapidated buildings and 6,300 dangerous buildings for reservoir migrants. According to the requirement of the conference, the construction for 50% of the newly planned Pubilc housings shall be commenced before the end of August and that for all the housings shall be started prior to the end of October. All the reconstruction of the dilapidated buildings in rural area shall be started before the end of July and completed ahead of the end of November. The second group of dilapidated building reconstruction for reservoir migrants shall be accepted in July and all the tasks planned in 2012 shall be started before the end of July.

Wang Zhihong, (Director of Department of Housing and Urban and Rural Construction of Hainan Province) said that there will be not a large number indemnificatory projects in 2012; however it is still arduous due to the accumulation of the task in previous period. The speed in construction shall be changed to quality. Therefore research and formulate the general embodiment and implementation views for the Pubilc housings in Hainan Province; make effort to structure the long-standing system of housing guarantee; complete the general survey of the housing and income of urban residents in order to have a clear idea of the truth. Promote the building of provincial-level financing platform for the construction of indemnificatory projects to collect funds in various ways and accelerate the construction. Carry out the tenure system of engineering quality to control the planning, design, building materials, completion and the acceptance, strengthen the supervision and inspection for the engineering quality and security and ensure the quality and safety. Reinforce the management on sale and rental and normalize & complete the application, approval, public notification, distribution and withdraw in order to ensure the just, fair and open distribution.

It is reported that the construction for 153,600 Pubilc housings were commenced in 2011 in Hainan Province (covering 115.9% of the total planned quantity), including 112,200 city & town Pubilc housings (covering 121.2% of the total planned quantity and ranking the medium level in China in terms of rate of operation), 32,700 dilapidated buildings in rural areas (covering 109.2% of the total planned quantity and ranking the forefront in China) and 8,700 dangerous buildings for reservoir migrants (covering 86.8% of the total planned quantity). The 84,900 Pubilc housings were completed in 2011 in Hainan Province and 308,000 residents benefited from the projects.

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