Located in northern Sanya’s Jiyang District, Zhannan Village/扎南村  is inhabited by tribes of Li and Miao minority ethnic groups. It is a garden-like village featuring countryside scenery and Li & Miao ethnic culture.

Surrounded by mountains, Zhanan Village offers a quiet and secluded rural setting. The village is home to some 320 households and has a permanent population of 1,665.

The village features amazing natural landscapes including terrace fields, streams, betel nut trees, and rice paddies. The redevelopment plan for Zhanan Village will highlight ecological tourism.

Until recently, the region was relatively poor, with inconvenient transportation and an underdeveloped economy. However, since 2014, thanks to financial support from the district government, the village has taken on a new look. Dilapidated houses have been repaired, and public facilities such as a square, inns, and farmhouses have been built. Many residents now live in new houses.