Located in northwestern Sanya's Tianya District, Lixin Village/立新村 is home to tribes of Li and Miao minority ethnic groups.

Surrounded by mountains, lush forests and rivers, the land is rich with a subtropical climate and plenty of rainfall. Tropical crops such as jackfruit, mangos, betel nuts, rubbers, and paddy rice produce bountiful harvests.

As the locals make full use of the area’s special geological and climactic conditions, village life here centers around tropical agriculture, just as it has for countless generations.

Local tourism authorities and village heads believe that the traditional village has tourism potential, and are working to develop the area into an eco-tourism destination. They hope that those efforts will benefit local people.

Thanks to the new countryside project by local government, Lixin Village is listed as one of the four poverty-alleviation demonstration village in Tianya District. 

Inside the village, residents and tourists will find authentic local life with traditional local houses, new houses, local restaurants in a very nice surrounding.