Located in the southwest of Yalong Bay National Tourism Zone in Jiyang District, Bohou Village/博后村 has become a hot destination for visitors from home and abroad who love the rural life.

Bohou Village rose to fame after Chinese President Xi’s visit in 2013 and made a statement that later became a catch phrase — "whether a moderately prosperous society is realized or not, only the ordinary folks can tell."

Bohou village has changed a lot since Xi visited five years ago. Since the president's visit, about 20 cooperatives have started running 70 hectares of rose plantations, earning the area the nickname of "rose valley" and helping villagers get rid of poverty.

In 2017, Bohou Village found new development opportunities as Sanya decided to beautify the village by improving its ecological environment and infrastructure. As a result, Bohou has become one of the most beautiful and cleanest villages in Hainan.

In addition, B&B hotels have been springing up in the village.

If you come to visit Bohou Village, here are some recommendations to make your stay that much more memorable.

A rendezvous with nature at Yalong Bay Rose Valley

As the largest rose plantation base in Sanya, the Yalong Bay Rose Valley in Bohou Village offers visitors a chance to get close to nature. The rose valley features various species of roses and a wide range of flower species and tropical trees.

Enjoy leisure time at a homestay in Bohou Village

The homestay industry in Sanya's Bohou village has been booming since 2017. currently. there are 34 different styles of homestay in Bohou Village, offering a total of 1,300 guest rooms.

All the homestays in the village offer shuttle services and special activities, such as picking tropical fruit and visits to a rose valley.

In coming years, officials plan to improve the facilities and infrastructure of the village to support the industry and attract more tourists.

How to get there: Take Bus Route Mini 5 or 27 and get off at Bohou Village Committee/博后村委会Stop, or 30 minutes by taxi from downtown to Bohou Village/博后村
Address: Bohou Village Committee, Jiyang District, Sanya 三亚市吉阳区博后村村民委员会