On August 29th, 2019, Sanya ambassadors for the Clipper 2019-20 Race were invited to visit the Wolf Hill Club, a prestigious elite club in London.




The club consists of more than 100 enterprise executives, more than 65 percent of whom hold doctoral degrees or above.




Mr. Philip Morgan, the former chief secretary of the British embassy in China, joined the talk with the club members and the Sanya ambassadors, discussing China-UK economic development, sharing Sanya voyage stories, and promoting Sanya tourism resources.




Mr. Li Meng, one of the Sanya ambassadors, gave an introduction to Sanya to the attendees. In his address, he talked about Sanya’s free trade policies, the visa-on-arrival program for individuals from 59 countries, and direct flights between Sanya and London.


Attendees expressed interest after the talk in exploring Sanya and expanding trade.




Ms. Guan Xi, the media crew member of Visit Sanya, China, talked with attendees about her beautiful voyage experiences. Mr. Morgan expressed regret at having not yet visited Sanya, and said he would travel to Sanya with his family some time in the future.