Visitors lined up to board the “Visit Sanya, China” yacht as it opened to the public in Uruguay’s Punta del Este during the clipper 2019-20 Regatta on October 19th, 2019, local time. Visitors vied to catch a glimpse of the Clipper 2017-18 Race world championship boat. This is the second time since last season that the Sanya yacht has raced into the Uruguayan city and entered the city’s spotlight.



Tourists lined up to see “Visit Sanya, China” yacht.


Tourists explored the structure and functions of the clipper race yacht. They were full of questions about the diet and daily lives of the crew on the sea voyage. They asked questions of the Sanya crew members and gave thumbs up to express their admiration. The Sanya ambassador’s crew also took the opportunity to actively promote the tourist attractions in Sanya’s tropical holiday paradise. Coconut sugar and coconut shell handicrafts were brought from Sanya and given out as special gifts for visitors so that the local people could get a sense of the hospitality and enthusiasm characteristic of Sanya.



Tourists lined up to see “Visit Sanya, China” yacht.


Sanya Ambassador crew gave an introduction on Sanya City.


Tourists were tasting the Sanya tropical specialities.


Sofia, a local citizen, said: “When the ‘Visit Sanya, China’ boat first arrived at Punta del Este in 2017, I ran here to welcome her. This is the second time the Sanya Clipper Race yacht has arrived, and I feel as happy as if I’ve seen an old friend. I know Sanya is a beautiful tropical city and I will go there with my family when I have the chance!”


Mr. Wang Gang, the Chinese Ambassador to Uruguay, made a special trip to Punta del Este to visit the Chinese fleet and offered encouragement and support to the teams. He also extended his best wishes, and said that he’s looking forward to more good news from Team Sanya in the following months of the round-the-world race.



Mr. Wang Gang, the Chinese Ambassador to Uruguay (second from left), made a special trip to Punta del Este to visit the Chinese fleet and offered encouragement and support to the teams.


In recent years, economic and trade exchange between China and Uruguay have enjoyed strong momentum, and cultural exchange between the two countries has become increasingly frequent. For many years, China has maintained its position as Uruguay’s largest trading partner and its largest export market for major products such as beef, soybeans, wool, and pulp. During the stopover period of the Clipper 2017-18 Race in Punta del Este, members of the Sanya Organizing Committee were warmly received by Mr. Enrique Antia Behrens, Governor of Maldonado, Uruguay. Both parties expressed their warm wishes for deepened friendship and enhanced cooperation.


Thanks to the friendly relationship between the two cities, Sanya’s tourism brochures are now being displayed at the Punta del Este Visitor Information Center, in an effort to attract an increasing number of visitors from South Africa to the Chinese seaside tropical resort city.



Sanya tourism promotional materials on display at the Punta del Este Visitor Information Center.



Official brochure of the Punta del Este


In addition, the story of Sanya’s victory last season also appeared in the official Punta del Este brochure, once again confirming the wide public recognition and deep friendship that Sanya has developed in Punta del Este, Uruguay.