On October 21st, 2019 (Punta del Este local time), a Sanya city tourism promotion event was held at the sailing school at the Punta del Este Yacht Club in Uruguay. The event was aimed at sharing the voyage stories of the “Visit Sanya, China” race yacht team among local 7-to-15 year-olds and promoting Sanya’s tourism resources.




At the event, Sanya ambassadors met with local students and gave them lessons in nautical knot tying and on how to fold paper boats.




Ms. Guan Xi, the media crew member of “Visit Sanya, China,” shared a video about Leg One of the race and told the story of the crew’s encounter with a super hurricane, and how the crew untangled the yacht’s sails. The Sanya ambassadors also talked with the students in a question-and-answer session, during which the students showed avid interest.







A 14-year-old student named Domi, who has studied OP sailing for nearly two years, said, “Through today’s event, I learned that sailing is not only a sport but also a way of life. The Clipper Round-the-World Yacht Race is a race full of challenges, but the crew show great confidence and team spirit. At the same time, hearing the stories of the crew also taught me about the charm of Sanya. It’s a tropical city with beautiful seas and beaches, and it’s a very good place for sailing. I hope to go there in a small sailboat in the future.” Domi also asked the Sanya ambassadors to write down the Chinese characters for “Sanya” and “Punta del Este” on her small paper boat to commemorate the unforgettable experience.




Mr. Dario Rodriguez is one of the crew ambassadors of the “Punta del Este” team in this year’s race. He has been teaching at the sailing school for 15 years. “When the crews in the Clipper 2017-18 Race reached Punta del Este, we learned about Sanya, a beautiful Chinese city. The following year, I learned from the rich experience of Sanya in promoting Sanya around the world at each stopover city. The Sanya Ambassadors gave us an introduction on the city’s rich tourism offerings for people from different countries. So this year, our city has also entered a crew in the race, hoping that we, like Sanya, can use the race to promote our city around the world.”