On November 15th, 2019 (Beijing local time), Sanya ambassadors visited the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Cape Town, South Africa. The consulate is located to the southeast of Table Mountain, one of the most popular landmarks in South Africa.

The ambassadors felt at home when Mr. Cao Li, acting consul general, greeted them. They gave a brief introduction to the “Visit Sanya, China” boat, including a description of the crew’s triumphant victory in 2017 and the progress the crew has made so far during this year’s voyage.


Mr. Cao spoke highly of the Sanya ambassadors, who have made great contributions to the promotion of the city and the national image. He encouraged them to keep an open mind during exchange between them and people from other parts of the world.


The Sanya team’s promotional work also garnered high praise from Mr. Cao, especially for the wonderful videos shot by Ms. Guan Xi, a member of the Sanya team.


Mr. Cao delivered his best wishes to Sanya ambassadors when he learned that they would set sail for Australia on November 17th, 2019.