On November 16th, 2019 (Beijing local time), a themed salon featuring voyage stories and Sanya tourism promotion was held at the Yacht Club at the University of Cape Town, one of the top 100 universities in the world.


Sanya ambassadors shared wonderful stories about their voyage, and gave an introduction to picturesque Sanya. Curious club members kept Sanya ambassadors busy with a series of questions, including “How long does the around-the-word voyage take?”, “How do you cook on the boat?”, and “What does Sanya look like?”


Mr. Calvin Gibbs, one of the attendees, said he had been to Sanya and he liked Sanya best among all the Asian cities. He participated in the World Sailing — China 2017 Youth World Championships in Sanya. He said that he hoped to visit Sanya again and once more enjoy a wonderful holiday in the tropical city.



Mr. Gibbs’s friend Sonja Stock also shared her beautiful memories of Sanya. She also took part in the youth world championships in Sanya in 2017. She expressed amazement at the city’s abundant sunshine, beautiful beaches, and marinas.



The attendees also stepped on board “Visit Sanya, China” to get a taste of real sailing. After learning about the city, some Ph.D.s-to-be agreed to visit Sanya in the future.


Founded in 1829, the University of Cape Town is the oldest university in South Africa and one of the world’s top 100 universities. The university currently has more than 30,000 students from over 70 countries. The world’s first human heart transplant was performed by Professor Christiaan Barnard of the university. Two of the university’s alumni have won the Nobel Prize.