With the entire fleet back in the Northern Hemisphere, the hunt for steady northeasterly trade winds is on. On February 4th, 2020, the “Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam” team continued to lead the fleet as it approached Subic Bay, Philippines, in the sixth race of the global series, with “Visit Sanya, China” team holding on to second, and gaining on the leading team.

OBR1 CV29 Unicef at sunset

In view of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia in China, the Clipper Race, in consultation with the organizing committees in both Sanya and Zhuhai, has amended its race schedule and delayed its arrival into China. As a result, the route has been altered and the fleet is now heading to Subic Bay, Philippines.

OBR1 CV29 Guan dressing NeptuneOBR1 CV29 King neptune on deckOBR1 CV29 Neptune and SeumasOBR1 CV29 Neptune and YangOBR1 CV29 Neptune looking majesticOBR1 CV29 Group photo equator crossing

On January 31st, 2020, the eleven-strong fleet completed its final equator crossing at a latitude of 00º 00′ 0000”, returning to the Northern Hemisphere. The Sanya team held a traditional ceremony to mark the crossing of the equator. The landmark event was marked by sailors making offerings to King Neptune to aid their safe passage.

OBR1 CV29 making a sun shelterOBR1 CV29 Sophia pulling in the kiteOBR1 CV29 Yang smiling in the rain.jpg

Though the weather conditions during the race were challenging, the teams kept working together at every hurdle, and pressed on to shorten their distance with the leading teams.