On February 23rd, 2020 (Philippines time), the “Visit Sanya, China” team set sail on Race 7 of the Clipper 2019-20 Round-the-world Yacht Race. The Race 7 is 1,600 nautical miles long, and both starts and finishes in Subic Bay. The yachts are expected to take about 10 to 12 days to complete the latest leg of the race.


The route for Race 7 heads north from the Philippines, stretches across the Luzon Strait, and then around the westernmost cluster of the Japanese Ryukyu Islands. The teams will then race downwind, east of Taiwan, and battle against the notorious Japan (Kuroshio) Current, which flows north and east of Taiwan, before heading back to Subic Bay.

The route for Race 7 will consist of two “Ocean Sprint” races and two “Scoring Gate” races. This will give an opportunity for a possible six teams to score bonus points in the “Ocean Sprints.” Six teams could also gain bonus points at the Scoring Gates.


The fleet has now raced halfway around the world. The “Visit Sanya, China” team now holds fourth place in the overall race standings. The Sanya team remains in high spirits, and has high expectations for the voyage. Crewmembers will continue to do their best to earn a solid ranking in the races to come.