Finally, we have broken off the shackles that was the Doldrums Corridor – farewell you served us well, but be gone now…


We are free to sail where ever we want to now, not that we have much choice, but it is pretty easy under white sails, just heading southwest.


Looks like we will be like this for a bit, so the next thing we have to plan for is the Equator crossing. What mischief can myself, Ming, and Clive (Haswell) cause…


Last night we passed the island or rocky out crop of Sao Predo and Sao Paulo, the lighthouse. You do sometimes wonder what goes on out there in the middle of the ocean.


We are currently 14nM north of the Equator, so by the time you read this we will be happily back (for me anyhow) in the Southern Hemisphere.


We are back to living on the north face. I’m wedged into the Nav Station, typing with one hand, whilst holding the key board with the other.


We are now trying to hunt down Visit Seattle (morning Nikki). There is still a long way to go but yesterday we passed. the 4000 nautical mile point.


Can’t hang on any longer, so till next time.


How’s the serenity? (Ours is good, just a bit lop sided at the moment.)