Another awesome day out here. Everyone’s helming is coming along leaps and bounds which is really cool to see. Today was all about helming in a bit of a seaway which is trying to throw the boat all over the place. Speeds are good and we are getting used to living on the north face again.


Michael Miller, round the worlder, has come up with a term for how you end up sleeping in your bunk. First you wedge your bunk up to 45 degrees, climb in, pull up your lee cloth, then virtually sleep in the crack it forms between the bunk and your lockers, so you are a human Toblerone. This is how you sleep if you are on the leeward side but on the windward side you are virtually on the metal edge of your bunk and in the lee cloth, sort of like a very uncomfortable hammock. But, funnily enough, it works and crew are getting some sleep. Oh yeah, all the hatches are shut now so it’s about a billion degrees down below.


Crew have been working extremely hard with the trim, we are now sailing to a compass course so they are constantly working on the trim as the wind shifts small amounts, boat speed is king right now.


Oh nooo, the dreaded yachty botty has hit, it is rather amusing watching crew trying to sit all different ways to stay off the painful infliction taking over. I’m currently side saddle on the Nav seat with one leg up on the wall to hold myself in. Even Catherine North, round the worlder, who came prepared with shorts that had padding sewn into them (she’s an ideas man) has fallen victim. Whisky Watch will now be known as soggy bottom watch, those that I sail with in Sydney on the mighty UBS Wild Thing know how I hate a soggy gusset.


It’s all fun and games out here on the big blue.


We put off our Equator crossing shenanigans just until we are not on the north face.


Best wishes to Jerry and all the Dare To Lead team on CV25


How’s the serenity? Its good here, just on a 30 degree angle.