Good morning folks, well that was the Elliot Brown Ocean Sprint done, don’t think we have made the podium though. All was going well when we had to change the Yankee (Headsail) – let’s just say it didn’t go too well, but at the end of the day lots of lessons were learnt.


We are still waiting for the wind to back a little (i.e. go anti clockwise), this will mean eventually we will be able to get a kite up, or more importantly live on a flat space.


We still haven’t had a visit from Neptune or the sea dragon, I don’t think he likes being on the north face.


Not much else going on, sometimes you just have to sit on deck and watch a group of flying fish take off, so are they a school when in the water, do they then turn into a flock when out?


Hopefully life’s big questions will be answered here.


Love youse all