Another day, another day upwind – it is getting a bit boring now, walking around on a lean judging where you will put your hands next.

But for something different we had a birthday today – Happy Birthday to Ian ‘Crash’ Sibthorpe. The Mothers, Catherine Bourke and Michael Miller, made a lovely cake – even the cake had a lean to it.

We are still charging along southwest – another day on a lean is another day closer we are getting to Punta del Este. I think it’s a bit early yet but we have already started talking about what we will eat and drink when we arrive – I think pizza and mojitos till I fall over.

We seem to have a ‘who can come up with the strangest cake combos’ competition – today it was chocolate cake, with an icing made up of icing sugar and extra strong mints. Jake’s, from a few days ago, was peanut butter and jelly (jam) – well, he is American. Others have included Rice Krispies and broken up bits of chocolate bar – at the end of the day, it’s all cake.

I’m back off to bed for a bit more of a snooze. Thanks for reading.

Love youse all