Well, that was a hard day in the office. It’s always a bit frustrating when you feel you are taking half a step forward and ten backwards. I don’t know why, but for some reason you think you are the only one who has no wind, but if you use your sensible head and look at the weather GRIB files, you can see that all the other yachts are suffering too.


I was a bit of a nightmare today, getting all anxious etc, so in the end I took myself off the deck and listened to some music. Just so happened our team song played first on my playlist, followed by an all-time favourite.


Most of the crew are talking about first meals in Punta del Este, and steaks feature as the favourite. Now as a veggie, I say each to their own, however the second song that came up on my playlist was “Cows with Guns”. As Molly Meldrum would say, do yourself a favour and have a listen, so of course I played it on deck for the crew. Appropriate in more than one way, as we were floating around with not much wind. We have had the Bay of Biscay Doldrums, the Doldrums Doldrums, and now I am calling this the Cowdoldrums.


After this light patch, we will be under kite again, and then just to make it that bit more interesting, there will be another little light wind hole waiting for us just off Punta del Este. Come on people of Punta del Este, can you get your fans out? Any wind is better than no wind.


Since I started this blog, the wind has come back in and we are off. It’s nice to look at the Nav Station PC and see that we have moved. See you soon Punta!


How’s the serenity?


Cheers, Wen