Nikki, I have a terrible confession to make also, you have given me the strength to come clean.


I own a pair or turquoise crocs, and I confess I have been known to wear them on board and on board only with socks, water proof socks that is.


It was like a rite of passage to see how long I could wear them before needing to put on my sea boots, the boots came out in leg 2.


Unfortunately, I bought them online and not really knowing what size my feet are, they are about two sizes too big. The crew get much amusement out of me running around on the bow, or anywhere else for that matter, with my clown crocs on. I thought in Punta I would put them on the dock with a sign on them saying “Free to a new home, please take”, but alas, my crew would not let me. They said they are my lucky crocs, so now when I get a new pair that fit, I shall hang my turquoise crocs up in the Nav Station like a pair of fury dice in a panel van.


Today the Serenity Cliffside Cafe (serving the communities of Serenity Heights and Serenity Valley since August 2017) is being manned by Clive Haswell and ‘I can fix anything’ Glenn Manchett, and they have been doing an awesome job in there. Lunch was a favourite, billed as Pasta surprise. Yep it was a surprise when lentil and carrot soup was served up, who knows what will be for dinner!


Well this is going to be a close finish, it feels like a game of snakes and ladders and at the moment, we are on the snake. I hate snakes.


We are still sailing as fast as we can, checking trim all the time, working hard.


About 24 hours to go and we have not given up or in, but see you Cape Town very soon.


How’s the serenity?