It’s time when we fall from being ahead of the fleet by 100+ hundred miles to the middle place within two days.

It all happened because of the hole that got us not far from Fremantle, Western Australia. We were all very excited during the first two weeks about the strong winds and high seas. We were really keen to test our teamwork in those rough conditions. We are expecting to reach our destination by 25th November where we can finally relax and have drinks.

While we were in the wind hole the ocean was just like a peaceful calm lake with lots of sunshine that helped us to dry out our kit that was damp all the time. While we were becalmed, there was nothing much to do besides sitting on the leeward side trying to heel the boat a little bit to get it moving with minimal wind. When I was helming my goal was to go at 070 compass course, but the course over ground was anywhere between 020 to 090 – we were just drifting.

The crew morale was a bit affected not just because of us getting behind other teams but also because of being late to see the loved ones waiting us in Fremantle. We all tried to relax and enjoy the sunshine and moonlight with stars all over the sky. I was also trying to compare the sunrise and the sunset and I couldn’t find much big difference! I never knew there were that many moving stars in the sky – but my crew mates confirmed they were satellites. I can easily identify 5 satellites within half hour now. Spotting shooting stars is also my favorite entertainment during those nights.

The wind hole was finally over yesterday and now we are sailin