Well we are nearly there. The bets are starting as to what time we will finish.


The only way to describe this race is as a roller coaster ride of positions and emotions.


We are still chasing hard on Dare to Lead (Hi Dale), we will not give up trying.


All we can do now is move on from the great Indian ocean parking lot that we sat in and lost our lead to. As Tom (the dearest man in the world) said. This is only Race 3, we have lots more races to go yet.


Congratulations to the winner, at the moment it looks like it might be Unicef, but who knows maybe GREAT Britain will sneak through.


The team has performed so well in this race, everyone has stepped up and it showed in all our changes etc. We say good bye to Clive H who has been with us since Liverpool. We will also miss our other leggers and look forward to welcoming our new ones.


The best news is, we are in Australia, gee it will be good to be back home. Nana Noels the zinc is out already and hads been applied.


Wine, sunshine and a sausage sizzle await us, I had to explain what a sausage sizzle is to the northern hemisphere crew.


Thank you for all following us here on the might Sanya Serenity Coast, see you for Leg 4.


How’s the serenity?


Love youse all,