Well this is just mad, after so many days racing and with 100 miles to go, we could high five the team on Visit Seattle, they are so close! It might look close on the Race Viewer, well its closer in real life.

We had gained a small lead overnight, only earlier today we had the strangest wind, one minute it was from the north east as it had been for ages, then it would flick to the west, with flies, and was hot, during this time Nikki (Visit Seattle) was able to sneak on past us. So now we are smelling her dinner.

Don’t worry friends and family, we are fighting and we want to get to Sydney asap, next thing will be when the southerly comes through and hopefully we can drive it like we stole it all the way home, yes home. I I can’t wait to sail into my home city.

Hang in there friends and family, we’re a coming.

It’s been an exciting race, so glad to have such great teams to race against, nothing is ever certain, every little bit you get a head could all just go crashing down so easily. I’m still trying to decide if I love it or hate it, hand me a rum and all will be good.


Thanks for following and wishing us speed to Sydney, hopefully this is the last blog of this crazy race.


Cheers and love youse all


How’s the serenity?