Sanya Serenity Coast crossed the finish line in Hobart at 16:29:23 local time on Friday 29 December 2017 to finish first out of 11 Clipper Race yachts and 40th overall.


Sanya Vice mayor Zhenling Xu on behalf of Sanya Stopover Committee, extended a warm congratulations to Wendy Tuck and the crew for their accomplishment.


This is Wendy Tuck’s eleventh Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. She said: “It’s just extraordinary you can’t make one mistake and in the light patch we had all the sails up and sails down. It was tough on the crew and they made not one mistake, so all down to the crew that we did so well.”


Despite being in eighth position late on Thursday, Sanya Serenity Coast worked throughout the night to ensure victory. Speaking in Hobart, Wendy said: “It was tough. The conditions changed so much at the end. It was awesome sailing that downwind stuff but, at the end, we had that little front come through and that heavy upwind stuff is what we excel at so that’s when we caught up with the fleet.”


Sanya Serenity Coast was ten miles astern when Garmin became the first Clipper Race yacht to reach Tasman Island in the early hours of Friday morning, local time. Despite closing down Garmin’s lead after rounding Cape Raoul, it wasn’t until Sanya Serenity Coast cornered South Arm that the team took the lead and Sydney Hobart veteran Wendy Tuck skippered her team to the win.


Sanya Ambassador Shuo Chang said: “My dreams came true that we won 2 races now especially we won Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. Although we once placed 8th out of 11 yachts, we did not give up and fought for the Line Honor. Finally, we did it!”


The other Sanya Ambassador Xiaoqiang Han was still excited about the result stating: “It only takes around 3 days to be here, and it is really like an in-shore regatta, in which there are only slight time differences between the top three yachts. It is not easy and we will keep going!”


Sanya Serenity Coast has helped raise the profile of the city in Sydney and Hobart due to the excellent results of the race.