Ledong has some of the most beautiful coastlines in Hainan and paragliding is becoming a wonderful way to explore the coastal scenery. One of the best locations for this sport is Longqi Bay due to its year-round wind ideal flying conditions.

Longqi Bay International Paragliding Base is located in Jiusuo Township, Ledong County. There are two take-off and landing sites – beach and grassland. The weather around Longqi Bay allows pilots to fly long and safe almost all year round, because the almost year-round sunny days, and the seasonal wind direction is generally stable or well predictable.

If this is your first time paragliding, or you’ve never flown by yourself before, you can easily hire professionals who will guide you how to do it right and take all your fears of flying away. There are instructors in the base with years of experience who can provide you with a tandem flight.

Longqi Bay paragliding lasts about eight to fifteen minutes – quite enough to get a feel for the weightlessness of flying while relaxing and enjoying the experience.

The long and beautiful sandy beaches and the incredibly clear blue water there will certainly amaze you.

Anyone over age of 6 and below 70 years old and weighing less than 90 kilograms can give this a go. You will be given a wide-angle digital camera to use. After the flight all photos and videos will be sent to you to show your friends and enjoy.

Longqi Bay International Paragliding Base龙栖湾国际滑翔伞飞行营地
Price: RMB 780 per person (fee includes insurance, , basic instructions on how to fly a para-glider, a paragliding instructor, flying equipment, GoPro for paragliding filming, and flight memorial certificate)
Opening hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Tel: +86-898-188 8976 8519
Address: Longsuo Township, Ledong County, Hainan Province 海南省乐东黎族自治县九所镇龙栖湾国际滑翔伞飞行营地