Sanya’s beautiful surroundings include more than simply ocean views; the city is also home to some historic and lovely lighthouses.

Historically, lighthouses were designed to facilitate better marine navigation for sailors. Nowadays, lighthouses serve more as beacons and landmarks of history. Some lighthouses are tourist attractions because of their history or their magnificent architecture. All lighthouses offer breathtaking views of their surrounding coastal landscapes.

Here are a few lighthouses that dot Sanya’s coastline. All of them are excellent for viewing and photography.

Jinmujiao Lighthouse 三亚锦母角灯塔

Jinmujiao is the landmass at China’s southernmost point. It was called Cape Rhinoceros by early Western navigators, presumably because the great rock at the tip of the point resembles a rhino's horn when viewed from a distance. A lighthouse is situated upon it. In 1996, the Chinese government announced that Jinmu Cape was to be considered one of China's maritime baselines.

Lovers Bay Lighthouse 情人湾灯塔

Lovers Bay Lighthouse stands tall above the shimmering sea at the Luhuitou Peninsula between Sanya Bay and Dadonghai Bay. The lighthouse is painted with a distinctive red-and-white pattern, and serves as a navigational aid for sailors. 

Sanya Bay Lighthouse 三亚湾灯塔

Sanya Bay is one of the city’s most popular beaches. Along the beautiful sea shore stands the tall tower of the Sanya Bay Lighthouse. Although the lighthouse has been decommissioned — made obsolete by modern technology — it still brightens the shores with its beauty.

Dongtian Park Lighthouse 大小洞天灯塔

Located in Dongtian Park, the still-active lighthouse is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area, which has beautiful sea views, typical mountain landscapes, and beautiful rocks to explore.

Houhai Beach Lighthouse 后海村渔家码头灯塔

The Houhai Beach Lighthouse is a long-standing navigational point on the coast of Haitang Bay. Its high structure helps fishermen stay on course when they return from a voyage at sea. 

Yazhou Silk Road Lighthouse 崖州丝路之塔


Located at the mouth of Ningyuan River near Yazhou Central Fishing Port, Yazhou Silk Road Lighthouse stands at an amazing 105.5 meters. The lighthouse is a landmark in Yazhou District. Visitors can enjoy great views from atop it.