Hainan Island is a Mecca for bicycle enthusiasts from home and abroad. The province is well suited for bicycle trips, especially if you enjoy rural landscapes and natural beauty. Away from the heavily industrialized areas of mainland China, Hainan has a pleasant environment for cycling, offering beaches, mountains, jungles, coconut plantations, waterfalls, minority villages, and a handful of scenic towns to explore.

Here were made a list of four of Hainan’s most popular cycling spots.

Bamen Bay Greenways, Wenchang 


The Bamen Bay Greenways pass through four towns, namely Wencheng, Dongge, Wenjiao and Dongjiao, with a distance of 45 km and another 9 km of side routes. Cyclists can choose from a variety of bicycles for rent for short-distance or long-distance trips.

There are seven key elements that make the greenway a wonderful experience: 

(a)    Natural mangrove landscapes

(b)    Rich natural greenery along the route

(c)    Agro-culture recreation and homestays

(d)    Historical and cultural elements of the route    

(e)   Rural scenery

(f)    Fishing villages

(g)   Coconut palm trees

Address: Zhongcun, Touyuan Township, Wenchang City, Hainan Province 海南省文昌市头苑镇中村

Xinglong Greenways, Wanning 


Xinglong Greenways in Wanning stretches a total length of 13 km, starting from San Gang in Xinglong Tropical Garden and linking all the attractions of Xinglong Southeast Asian Town. The cycling trip takes about one hour for the average cyclist.

Cyclists can breathe fresh air at Xinglong Tropical Garden and buy some souvenirs at Wanning Outlets. The rest point along the bike lane offers snacks and cold drinks for bicycle riders to enjoy as they relax.

Address: Xinglong National Greenways, Xinglong, Wanning City, Hainan Province 海南万宁市兴隆国家森林绿道

Chengmai Mangrove Wetland Park 


Riding a bicycle around Yanfeng Theme Park is an enjoyable and casual way to spend a day.

Chengmai Mangrove Wetland Park, Hainan’s 4A-level Mangrove Wetland Park located in Chengmai County, has all the required natural resources, namely mangroves, greenery, the river, and the local ecology for it to serve as a good spot for a cycling holiday.

Address: Mangrove Bay, Fushan Town, Chengmai County, Hainan Province 海南澄迈福山镇富力红树湾

Haikou Shishan Greenways 


Shishan Greenways has a pleasant environment for cycling, offering green landscapes, resting stations, farmhouses, and a couple of scenic volcanic villages to explore.

Address: Shishan Township, Xiuying District, Haikou City, Hainan Province 海南海口市秀英区石山镇