Many visitors to resort city Sanya are content to spend all of their time in the city’s more heavily trafficked sea islands, such as Wuzhizhou Island and West Island. So venturing to other less traveled areas, such as Jiajing Island, allows more off-the-beaten-path travelers to experience relatively untouched island splendor.

Jiajing Island, just three kilometers off the shoreline of Wanning City’s Shimei Bay, is quiet and surrounded by nature and shimmering sea.

A short 10-minute trip by speedboat from the Shimei Bay yacht marina will take you to the small islet, which covers an area of 15.5 hectares. It is a paradise for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, as the shallow water area reaches 100 meters from the beach.

Underwater visibility here is up to 10 meters. Under the water surrounding the nearby island lives a rainbow of colorful coral, with marine life that includes abalones, oysters, groupers, and green wrasse.

The small island consists of two mountains connected by a narrow strip of land. The peak of the taller mountain is only 62.8 meters above sea level. It is covered with big arbors, wild pineapple trees, and other tropical plants.

There are manmade sto the top of the mountain, making it the perfect recreational spot for those who enjoy off-trail hiking. The climb provides opportunities for bouldering, leading to a beautiful view of the pure blue sky and the endless blue sea stretching away from the mountaintop.

It is a top choice among tour operators, who bring divers and snorkelers here to explore the island’s unique coral formations. Picnic benches and grills make it an ideal barbecue spot, though overnight stays aren’t permitted.

How to get to Jiajing Islet: Take bullet trains from Sanya Railway Station to Shenzhou Railway Station in Wanning,  then hire a cab once you there. Or talk to a local travel agent in Sanya to arrange the private tour for you.