Hitting the road with friends, family, or a loved one has long been a popular holiday choice. Road trips allow travelers the freedom and independence to explore the city and the countryside, visit the sights of their choosing, and meet the locals—even far away from well-known tourism hubs.

A fabulous adventure awaits road travelers on the coastal tourism road in Wanning, one of the most beautiful scenic drives on Hainan Island.

The 35-kilometer-long coastal scenic road runs from Shimei Bay to Dahuajiao in Wanning city, and offers breathtaking coastal views. Along the route, there are views of lush mountains, tropical forests, pristine sandy beaches, peninsulas, remote villages, and surf spots. 

The road passes by Shimei Bay, Nanyan Bay, Shenzhou Peninsula coast, Laoye Sea, Houtan Beach, Chunyuan Bay, Baoding Bay, and Dahuajiao — a collection of tourist attractions right on the shoreline.


A series of functional sites including commercial shops, slow-traffic lanes, cafes, and RV camping sites also dots the path for the convenience of bicycle and motor-vehicle visitors alike.