The Clipper Round-the-world Yacht Race is one of the toughest endurance challenges on the planet. People from around the world and all walks of life train to become ocean-racing sailors. This unique, epic event features teams battling extreme conditions as they race more than 40,000 nautical miles in a true test of fortitude and courage.

Learn about the Clipper 2019-20 Race in figures

– 688 crew members in total

– 15 individual races across 8 race legs

– 41,165 nautical miles in length

– Covering 10 countries and 16 ports

– 6 ocean crossings

– Longest leg: 6,920 nautical miles

– Shortest individual race: 595 nautical miles

– 228 competition days in  one year racing time

– The fastest ship speed is 34 knots (about 62.97 kilometers per hour)

– Average ship speed 7.4 knots (about 13.70 kilometers per hour)

– Temperatures in climates racers experience range from 0 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius.

– Sailors come from all walks of life and more than 350 occupations.

– The youngest sailor is just 18 years old.

– The oldest sailor is 76 years old.

– More than 90 sailors participating in the round-the-world ocean race will live on board for the whole year.

– The sailors include 220 females and 468 males.

– The race involves sailors from 43 different countries and regions. Sailors from the following seven countries are participating in the race for the first time: Tanzania, Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco, Martinique, Saudi Arabia, and Slovakia.

Learn about the Visit Sanya, China team in figures


The skipper Seumas Kellock, 27, is the youngest crew member of the “Visit Sanya, China” team.


The eldest crew member is 69 years old, and Barry Welsford is a round-the-world ocean racing sailor in the “Visit Sanya, China” team.


There will be 60 crew members riding the waves with the “Visit Sanya, China” team, including 51 sailors in leg challenges and 9 sailors in the round-the-world ocean race.


The sailors come from 16 countries and regions; the UK is the country with the most sailors on the crew; China is second.


The crew members of the “Visit Sanya, China” team include 41 males and 19 females.