For Sanya natives, seafood is a common dish on the table. When dining out with friends or family, people often go for seafood dinners.


The quality of the seafood in Sanya is famous for its unparalleled freshness. Local restaurants offer some of the freshest catches from up and down China’s southeastern coast.



Hainan-style seafood hotpot, also called Dabianlu by locals, is one of the best ways to enjoy seafood in Sanya, as it retains the original flavor of the catch very well.



Sanya boasts a wide variety of seafood delicacies available at the many seafood restaurants and stalls throughout the city.

Many hotels and restaurants across the city serve seafood hotpot on their menus. On the long stretching list of such gourmet destinations, No. 1 Market, Chunyuan Square, Xinmin Street, and Youyi Seafood Square are considered the city’s culinary seafood hotspots. These places are generally loud and crowded. People eat and drink around tables in a hazy atmosphere filled with the inimitable aroma of hotpot.


Chunyuan Seafood Square 春园海鲜广场



Youyi Seafood Square 友谊海鲜广场



Xinmin Seafood Street 新民海鲜一条街



Huo Che Tou Seafood Square 火车头万人海鲜广场



A typical seafood hotpot includes an assortment of seafood such as nutritious fish head, prawns, clams, crab, and other fine choices as well as plates of green vegetables for dipping in the pale soup bases.


To enhance the flavor, diners can choose to dip the seafood in different sauces such as mashed garlic, chopped coriander, soy sauce, and fresh lime. Generally, guests can enjoy a tempting and nutritious low fat meal with great, balanced variety.