A general aviation airport in Hainan’s Dongfang City opened on May 12th, 2020.

The airport, named Datian, is located in Nadeng Village, Basuo Town, in Dongfang.

Construction on Dongfang Datian Airport started in November 2018. The airport will be constructed in two phases of development, the first of which is now complete. The first phase was constructed based on A1-level general aviation airport standards. The airport covers an area of 160,000 square meters, and features an 800-meter runway and 14 parking aprons. The airport can accommodate various types of helicopters and small aircrafts.

At present, there are three helicopters at the airport, which can be used for offshore oil exploration, business charter flights, maritime search and rescue, and other activities in Hainan.

“We are planning to expand new businesses and gradually develop the airport into a large-scale airport with diversified comprehensive functions,” said Tian Changfeng, General Manager of the Hainan Branch of CITIC Offshore Helicopter Co., Ltd. She added that the next step the company will focus on is aviation tourism, flight training, aircraft maintenance, and other navigation business projects. The airport will be used to carry out such businesses as medical emergency rescue, law enforcement flights, geophysical exploration, magnetic surveying, remote sensing flights, air cargo transport, and short-distance passenger transportation to the neighboring cities of Haikou, Zhanjiang, and Beihai.