Sanya Romance Park, a large-scale cultural recreation theme park in Sanya, has proven highly popular since its opening in September 2013.

The park has received over 22 million visitors over the past five years.


In front of the park’s main gate, a 28-meter-tall Goddess Statue of the South China Sea and elephant pillars line a spectacular entryway.


Inside the scenic spot, performers wearing Song Era costumes walk populate ancient-style streets and workshops. Visitors can enjoy magic shows, folk dances, and ancient Chinese wedding ceremonies.


In the park, “The Legend of Romance,” an art and dance performance showcasing the colorful multicultural history of Sanya City, stages daily at the Sanya Qianguqing Grand Theater. The show has become a popular nightlife event for tourists during their stays in Sanya.


The park is themed around Sanya’s Tianya Culture, Li and Miao culture, and many other Sanya original folk cultural traits. Inside the park are a great many special areas and attractions, including Sanya Qianguqing Grand Theater, Yazhou Ancient City Cultural Theme Park, Elephant Valley, the Li and Miao Village Cultural Experience Area, Valentine’s Valley, a children’s playground, the Banyan Bar, Triangle Plum Seafood Stall, the South China Sea Goddess Cultural Square, and much more.

To offer more cultural and entertainment activities for tourists and local residents, the park also features other outlets such as Sanya Snow World, Songcheng Color Zoo, and Langlanglang Water Park.

Sanya Romance Park 三亚千古情景区

Location: Jiyang District, Sanya 三亚市吉阳区


Telephone: +86-898-8865 8333

Hours: 12 noon to 9:30 p.m.


– RMB 280 per adult

– Free entry for children under 1.2 meters in height

– Children from 1.2 to 1.5 meters in height, the handicapped, and seniors aged 65 or above are eligible for a 20 percent discount.