The Nanshan Buddha Hall is one of many magnificent Buddhist cultural attractions at the Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone in Sanya.


The Nanshan Buddha Hall was originally the National Pavilion of Nepal at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. After two years of relocation and reconstruction, it opened to the public in Sanya in 2015.

Buddha Hall Features

The Nanshan Buddha Hall covers an area of 7,500 square meters. The Buddha Hall is an exquisite work of art with a large Buddhist pagoda as its centerpiece, surrounded by several folk houses representing styles of various periods.

The Buddha Hall, which showcases cultural and artistic aspects of Buddhism, provides a world-class platform for Buddhist cultural exchange and research.

Feature 1: An exquisite work of art


Incorporating Nepalese artistic tradition and innovative decorative ideas into its construction, the Buddha Hall’s exhibition and decoration items were built with about 500 tons of materials including wood, metal, bricks, porcelain, and stone, all of which were handmade. Wood and clay sculptures feature exquisite patterns, which took about two years for 350 Nepalese families to complete.

Feature 2: Statue of the Buddha Sakyamuni


On the inside of the Buddha Hall, visitors can view a statue of the Buddha Sakyamuni in meditation. The Buddha statue is enshrined at the heart of the pagoda with his two disciples Sariputta and Moggallana on either side, as well as eight small Buddha figures.

Feature 3: circular-screen movie of “The Great Buddha”


The core exhibition of the Buddha Hall is the circular-screen movie theater, which shows the film “The Great Buddha.” The facility is Asia’s largest Buddhist-themed circular-screened movie theater. The film is divided into three sections: past life, birth, and deeds of Sakyamuni. The film introduces Buddhist culture to visitors and helps them experience the spirit of the Buddha. Motion Magic undertook the task of producing the film and system integration, providing visitors with a perfect immersive experience and wonderful audio and visuals.