The second phase of Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center opened in Haikou on September 15th, 2020. Two exhibition events, the 2020 Haikou Consumer Goods Exhibition and Haikou MICE Industry Development Conference were held at the exhibition center on the day.

The second phase project of Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center is built adjacent to the first phase project, with a total construction area of about 201,800 square meters, of which the indoor exhibition area is about 75,000 square meters.

The project is divided into a North Hall and a South Hall. The first floor of the North Hall includes a 135,00-square-meter boutique exhibition hall and nine conference rooms. The second floor has a 4,200-square-meter medium-sized hall and four conference rooms. The South Hall has four 12,000-square-meter columnless exhibition halls, and an underground garage that can accommodate more than 2200 vehicles.

According to the plan, the project will be connected with the first phase of the exhibition center to form a huge complex that provides an exhibition area that spanning about 120,000 square meters, including a reception hall, a registration hall, a theater, 8 indoor exhibition halls and more than 40 conference rooms. It is a multi-functional exhibition complex with high flexibility.

From the end of September to the end of this year, more than ten exhibition events will be held at the second phase of Hainan International Convention and Exhibition. The exhibition events will include 2020 World New Energy Vehicle Conference, China (Hainan) International Animation Game Expo, 2020 21st Hainan International Tourism Carnival, 2020 Hainan World Leisure Tourism Expo and more.