The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs recently published its first list of designated national fishing ports for offloading catches. Sanya Yazhou Central Fishing Port in Hainan Province was named on the list.

It is an important measure carried out by the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs to implement the strategy of revitalizing the domestic fishing ports and effectively strengthen the output management of its ocean fishery resources.

Large and medium-sized fishing vessels are required to offload catches in Yazhou Central Fishing Port since it was named as the designated port. The designation will promote strict requirements and evaluation standards in vessel berthing, catch offloading, ocean fishery trading and distribution, as well as pollution prevention and waste management, which will help better realize the closed-loop quality management of marine resources and achieve sustainable development of marine fishery.

The new designation will greatly help Yazhou Central Fishing Port reach its annual target of 100,000 tons of fish catches, accelerating the construction of Yazhou Central Fishing Port as the largest fishing cargo distribution and seafood trading center in southern Hainan, as well as advancing the development of Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City to give technological momentum for the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port.