Sanya ranks first in online retail turnover in service industry in Hainan

The online retail turnover in service industry in Sanya amounted to RMB 9.66 billion in the first half of 2020. Over the past six months, Sanya ranked first among the island’s cities in terms of this indicator.

At the same time, the total volume of e-commerce in Sanya amounted to RMB 13.6 billion, in the online retail sector, the sales reached RMB 10.9 billion. Of this amount, RMB 1.3 billion were traded in goods.

The volume of online trade in Hainan in the first six months of 2020 exceeded RMB 100 billion. Among the total amount of Internet transactions in the Hainan province, the volume of wholesale trade and b2b sales in the first half of the year amounted to RMB 74.2 billion, retail trade amounted to RMB 35.6 billion. At the same time, the volume of online retail sales of goods amounted to RMB 20.8 billion and the online retail turnover in service industry reached RMB 14.7 billion.

Sanya sees 1148 enterprises registered in the city in H1

According to the latest statistics provided by the Sanya Investment Promotion Bureau, up to now, a total of 1,148 new companies were registered in Sanya this year and investment in fixed assets amounted to RMB 18 billion.

Among the 1,148 newly registered enterprises, 632 enterprises are in Haitang Bay National Coast Leisure Park, 231 enterprises are in Internet Information Industrial Park, 146 enterprises are in Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City, 119 enterprises are in Sanya Central Business District Industrial Park.

In terms of the industrial structure, 822 enterprises engage in the modern service sector and 185 are the high-tech enterprises.

A total of 22 state-owned enterprises were registered in Sanya in the first six month of 2020, completing the fixed asset investment of RMB 1.38 billion. The total tax revenue generated from January to June 2020 was RMB 200 million.