A launch ceremony and training meeting for “zero-waste hotel” management was held at 1 Hotel Haitang Bay on June 8th, 2020.



The event was hosted by the Sanya Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television, and Sports Bureau and the Sanya Ecology and Environment Bureau. The event was organized by the Sanya Tourism Hospitality Association. The meeting was intended to help promote green living, minimize the amount of waste produced, and strengthen resource recycling.


At the launch ceremony, Sunny Heng, General Manager of 1 Hotel Haitang Bay, and Liu Kaiqiang, Chairman of the Sanya Tourism Hospitality Association, said that the management of zero-waste hotels will be focused on the following business issues: reducing energy consumption, creating a green environment, implementing regulation on banning plastic items, promoting the use of environmentally-friendly products, organizing training programs, and strengthening waste classification.



Following the ceremony, attendees were led on a tour of 1 Hotel Haitang Bay. The hotel is a luxury lifestyle hotel brand founded on the ethos of innovative eco-conscious design and sustainable architecture. The hotel’s green-living theme extends to the design in lobby, the utensils used for food and beverage services, supplies in room services, and more.


Zero-waste hotels will be an instrument part of promoting “zero-waste city construction” across Sanya. The Sanya government, along with enterprises and citizens, will form a joint task force for “zero-waste city construction.” More green initiatives dedicated to helping Sanya develop into a replicable zero-waste model city will be carried out in hotels across the city.