On May 25th, 2020, Luhuitou Scenic Area and Wuzhizhou Island were listed among the first group of Sanya’s pilot units that would qualify to become “zero-waste” scenic spot construction projects.


Luhuitou Scenic Area



Wuzhizhou Island

Last year, Sanya was included on a list of the first eleven pilot cities nationwide to qualify for new “zero-waste” construction projects. Sanya is the only city in Hainan Province to be selected for the project.

Zero-waste scenic spots feature advanced development and management models that aim to minimize the amounts of solid waste produced, strengthen recycling programs, and ensure that waste released into the environment is harmless. The new status of these locations will play an important part in promoting zero-waste city construction across Sanya.

Sanya will set up a comprehensive management system featuring implementation rules and an incentives program aimed at reducing solid waste production at the source, promoting classification of solid waste and recycling flow, and organizing training programs on a regular basis at the two pilot scenic spots mentioned above — Luhuitou Scenic Area and Wuzhizhou Island – with the aim of raising public awareness of the importance of reduction of solid waste.